Episode 9: Adventuring into Nature-Based Therapy with Bradley Williams


Bradley Williams: Adventuring Into Nature-Based Therapy

Bradley Williams is an occupational therapist in Adelaide, Australia. His fabulous business, Naturally Gathered, offers pop-up nature playgroups for children and families. Brad is also venturing into offering nature-based occupational therapy services for children, and he had some questions he wanted to ask me about business start-up of a nature-based OT practice. So OF COURSE I asked him to come on the podcast! And he graciously agreed. You’ll hear about Brad’s nature-based practice, and then we turned the tables and he asked me a bunch of questions. I hope our conversation may help all of YOU who are interested in nature-based therapy!

Here’s the rundown of some of what we covered!

  • The three goals of Brad’s nature-based business, Naturally Gathered

  • How to slowly start your business on the side of your current work

  • How to focus in your nature-based therapy work

  • Why you need a theoretical framework for nature-based therapy

  • Tips for screening kids for group placement in nature-based therapy groups

  • Why a mix of kids with different needs in a group is best. (Look up Pamela Wolfberg’s research on Integrated Playgroups for children with autism.)

  • I again mention Occupational Adaptation theory...my favorite OT theory because it applies to all of LIFE!

  • The assessment and intake process at Outdoor Kids OT

  • Why you need to focus on 1-2 goals for children who are in nature-based OT small-groups

  • Goal-attainment scaling- why it helps you focus on the ONE most important thing you’re addressing in therapy

  • Liability insurance for nature-based therapy (it’s a “community setting” everyone!)

  • How to help parents understand healthy risk-taking in nature play

  • Why training is valuable when starting out in nature-based therapy 

  • How to get awesome, engaged volunteers to help you with your nature-based therapy groups

  • Brad recommends Seth Godin’s books on marketing- focusing on the customer and offering VALUE to them. (Why it isn’t bad to make money while serving people!)

  • Last tip: I highly recommend Meet Edgar for social media management. It frees up SO much time as a business owner, especially in the early days of managing it all on your own! Use this referral link to get $10 off of Meet Edgar.

Go learn about Naturally Gathered and read Brad’s blog- good stuff there! www.naturallygathered.com.au

You can also connect with Brad on Facebook and Instagram @naturallygathered

🌿P.S. If YOU want specialized training to begin offering nature-based therapy in YOUR practice with children, join us at the inaugural Therapy in the Great Outdoors Training Retreat, Nov. 2-5, 2019 in Soquel, CA. $100 off early registration until July 15 with code EARLYBIRD. 🐦