Episode 11- Building Multiple Streams of Income with Kelly Beins


Kelly Beins

on Building Multiple Streams of Income as an O.T. Entrepreneur

This rock-star occupational therapy business owner is building an empire! :)

Kelly Beins is an occupational therapist and owner of Occupational Therapy Consulting, LLC in Frederick, Maryland, and the author of the Ovis the Sheep books that make learning about sensory processing FUN for children and families. She’s also working on designing telehealth opportunities for clients and developing online courses in the future too! Kelly shares so much wisdom in this episode about starting and growing her business. Grab your pen and paper, or be prepared to take notes on your phone! We cover the following topics:

  • Starting small and being fiscally responsible as you get started

  • The importance of personal connections and relationships in business…how Kelly found a publisher for her first book.

  • How her idea for her book grew out of her practice and how it solves a problem for parents.

  • How her practice always includes parents in their child’s treatment sessions in a “parent partnership” model.

  • Kelly’s expert tips for managing a treatment session with the parent present along with the child and how to manage parent expectations about therapy.

  • Kelly’s succinct and clear approach to conducting a client intake call that is efficient and effective in booking clients…and how to regain control of an intake call when it is going way too long. :)

  • How she rents clinic space for additional revenue.

  • What other business ideas she’s working on…

  • Kelly’s wisdom on how to grow your business sustainably (this is around the 50 min mark)

  • What Kelly’s work week looks like as a successful clinic owner (hint: she block schedules!!! and has structured her schedule to have very minimal direct service responsibilities)

  • Kelly’s favorite business podcasts and books:

    • The Life Coach School Podcast (love/hate relationship with this one) :)

    • Small Business Boss Podcast

    • Biz Chicks Podcast

    • Anything by John Maxwell for mindset

    • Book: Start with Why by Simon Sinek

    • Book: Good to Great by Jim Collins

    • Book: This I Know by Terry O’Reilly

    • Book: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

    • Anything by Brene Brown

  • The biggest fail-learn Kelly’s experienced in her business and how it caused cash flow to suffer and caused stress and what she learned from it.

  • Kelly’s advice about hiring a good team. Surround yourself with good people!

Thanks for coming on the show and sharing your wisdom with OT business owners, Kelly!

Kelly’s clinic website, Occupational Therapy Consulting, LLC: https://www.otc-frederick.com

Kelly’s clinic website, Occupational Therapy Consulting, LLC: https://www.otc-frederick.com and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OTCfrederick/

Kelly’s Instagram: @kbeinsOT

Ovis' webpage: https://www.otc-frederick.com/ovis-the-sheep/

Ovis’ facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OvisHasTrouble/

Episode 10: Making Sacrifices for Long-Term Business Goals- Mindset Matters!

This was my first impromptu solo episode where I share an epiphany I had in a random conversation with my sister about sacrificing as an entrepreneur in order to grow your business.

Delaying immediate gratification does NOT have to feel like a sacrifice if you keep the end goal in mind! Mindset matters.

If YOU need help figuring out what is needed to launch or grow your business, I can help…now that I have more time for more business coaching clients! :) Click here for info on how to book a FREE 15-minute consult call with me to get started taking ACTION!

Cheers to your growth and success as an entrepreneur!

Episode 7: My $10,000 Mistake (a.k.a. What NOT To Do When Starting Your Business)

You know that old show “What NOT To Wear”? Well this episode of MYOTBiz is the OT business podcast version of that show. Here’s my list of what NOT to do when starting your business. A few of these I learned from experience (you’ll hear about my 10K mistake…I’m SO embarrassed to admit this one…and honestly, thought about editing it out of the recorded podcast more than once. But I kept it in to stick by my promise to always be honest with you all, even if it makes me not look good.)

(Links are Amazon affiliate links- MYOTBiz is not monetized right now- it is a labor of love, so if you purchase any of these books, please go through the link! Gives me a tiny bit of income at no additional cost to you. Thanks!)

Drum roll please…..the 9 Things NOT To Do When Starting Your Business:

  1. Don’t offer too many types of services. The riches are in the niches, folks...and so is your sanity.  Start by offering ONE really good service and DON’T start another until that one is successful (or totally bombs).

  2. Don’t hire quickly.  Sometimes we are growing (a good thing!) and get desperate for help.  Hiring quickly just to fill the opening will usually be twice as much work in the long run.  Slow growth is not bad.

  3. Don’t think you can do your books on your own. YOU CAN’T.  Run, do not walk, to hire the nearest bookkeeper or accountant who can help manage your finances.

  4. Don’t price your services too low.  People value what they pay for.  We are all helpers by nature and want to help people.  If you want to give away services, offer scholarships...but keep your prices high so people will value your services.

  5. Don’t pay for an expensive website or logo.  I spent way too much on mine and almost immediately regretted it, even though I love it.  There is no way to tell if it was helpful to my business, but in retrospect, I think learning good copywriting is MUCH more beneficial than a pretty website or logo. Read “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller and “This Book Will Teach You How to Write Better” by Neville Medhora. DIY website builders work great. I recommend Squarespace for aesthetics and for ease of use.

  6. Don’t wait to manage your cash flow. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.  WISH I had done this when starting out!!

  7. Don’t buy expensive equipment you don’t truly need. Constraints make us more creative.  Ask yourself: “Do I really NEED this?” before every business purchase. (Which, you might notice, I SHOULD have done before paying designers for a fancy website and logo.) :)

  8. Don’t be afraid to consult a lawyer. You must ask a lawyer if you’re in doubt about any legal issue. Get a good referral to an honest lawyer, ask your question(s), cough up the $300/hour, and move on with confidence that you’re legally in the clear. Here’s the NOLO Press book I used to set up my California corporation.

  9. Don’t be afraid to spend money on a business coach when you are just starting out. This was extremely helpful to me in the early years (and NOW…just did a session last week with a business consultant to advise me about scaling and expanding my business to multiple locations in different states.)

Will you be honest and share a mistake you’ve made in your business start up? What did you learn from it? Comment below!

Episode 5: How You Can Maximize Your TIME as an Entrepreneur- Part 3 of 3!

Make sure to listen to episodes 3 and 4 for the first two parts of this series on Time Management Tips for the Entrepreneur. Today we have our final installment in the series with 4 more tips, so let’s jump right in!

7.  Don’t try to be an expert in things that you aren’t or that you don’t enjoy doing. Delegate!*

*None of these are affiliate links- just services I use and enjoy.

Canva- free graphic design site to make your own logos, social media posts, flyers…IF you’re good at it and enjoy it!

Here are some online places you can outsource almost any design, editing, or administrative work:




·   Don’t try to do your own bookkeeping (unless you were a bookkeeper before you were a therapist!).

o  Affordable bookkeeping, accounting, & tax preparation: Mazuma

8.  Know when to hire help.

Here’s a photo of the list my business coach helped me make when I was feeling completely overwhelmed as a business owner! 

AHHH!! How was I even doing all this? (Probably not very well…ha ha!)

AHHH!! How was I even doing all this? (Probably not very well…ha ha!)

One thing you can try (that I didn’t mention in the podcast) if you are at this point of business ownership, is to do what Christina had me do on this poster: Make a BIG list of everything that you could outsource. This will help you get started to actually finding someone to do the work, because you’ll be able to tell them what exactly you need help doing.

The genius admin brain and business manager behind Outdoor Kids OT is Nicole Storms of Your Admin Solution. Call her if you are drowning and need help! She is so much more than gifted at administrative business tasks— she has the brain of a business owner, is relentlessly positive, and really partners with you in growing your business.

9. Work smarter, not harder.

I know this is kind of a catch phrase, but there are definitely ways we can do this…and Occupational Adaptation theory explains how!

Occupational Adaptation (OA) theory proposes the primary aim of occupational therapy is to increase a client’s relative mastery and adaptive capacity.

Relative mastery = effectiveness, efficiency (which we’ve been talking about in this series!), and level of satisfaction to self and others in completion of occupational tasks/challenges.

Adaptive capacity =

  • Noticing the need to change.

  • Sufficient psychosocial, cognitive, and sensorimotor skills and resources to meet occupational challenges.

  • Ability to problem solve to meet future occupational challenges.

Screenshot 2019-05-08 18.37.09.png

A summary table of Schkade & Schultz’ Occupational Adaptation Theoretical Constructs of Primary & Secondary Energy (We NEED to know when to use each to be efficient business owners!)

Schkade, S. & Schultz, S. (1992). Occupational adaptation: Toward a holistic approach for contemporary practice, part 1. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 46(9), 829-837.

I LOVE that OA theory applies to our work as business owners and as occupational therapists. I could go on and on…but the main takeaway from this review of OA is that our efficiency affects our relative mastery as business owners! Putting one or more of these tips into action can make you a better entrepreneur…and improve your ability to adapt in the face of future challenges as a business owner!

And finally:


Do not…I repeat, do NOT….let your work take over your life so much that you lose your health or happiness. That is NOT why we became business owners. This is an efficiency tip because if we take care of ourselves, we will be more effective in our work. So decide what healthy habit you want to start doing and get started. Personally, for me it is exercise. I must move my body every single day and I do this consistently (even though I’m not an athlete by any means). I could be better at 1.) eating less sweets and 2.) giving my husband and children the love and attention they deserve for supporting my crazy endeavors. Prioritizing those changes would likely make me more efficient as a business owner because I’d be happier and more balanced.

So here is the final list in all its glory. What are YOU going to take action on today?

Time Management Tips to Empower & Equip YOU as a Savvy & Successful OT Entrepreneur 

1.  Get it all out of your head! Have a SYSTEM for managing to-do’s.

2.  Establish your top 3 must-do’s each day.

3.  Time block your schedule.

4.  Do the right task at the right time of day.

5.  Use a timer to track how long tasks actually take.

6.  Shut off notifications on your phone and computer while you are working.

7.  Don’t try to be an expert in things that you aren’t or that you don’t enjoy doing. Delegate!

8.  Know when to hire help.

9.  Work smarter, not harder. (OA theory tells us how to do this!)