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Episode 12- Erica Schuppe on Growing a Trauma-Informed Multidisciplinary Pediatric Practice


Erica Schuppe

Growing a Trauma-Informed Multi-Disciplinary Pediatric Practice

Erica Schuppe is the owner of Wild Roots Therapy in Billings, Montana. Her multi-disciplinary practice includes occupational therapists and a counselor who use a team-based approach to support families with children who have experienced trauma. In this episode, we learn how Wild Roots stays sustainable even with a clientele consisting of 80-90% Medicaid clients! Erica shares all about growing her practice and how she feeds her own soul as an OT entrepreneur. In this episode, Erica shares:

  • How her experience as a foster and adoptive parent influenced her work as an occupational therapist

  • Her training in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics by Dr. Bruce Perry of the Child Trauma Academy

  • How she manages a practice taking 80-90% Medicaid clients.

  • How you should research what Medicaid will reimburse in your state before you start a private practice.

  • How Erica supplements her clinic-based income with presentations, assessments, and consulting.

  • How she re-branded her business after many years in private practice as a solopreneur to a whole team under the new name: Wild Roots Therapy in 2018.

  • How she chose the name for her business (always a fun story to hear from an entrepreneur!).

  • How she doubled her space and her staff within 18 months of re-branding!!

  • Communication in a multi-disciplinary office.

  • How business coaching has played a role in her development as an entrepreneur.

  • Keeping a growth mindset as a business owner.

  • Erica’s number one tip for getting un-stuck as an entrepreneur.

  • How Kate Northrup’s book “Do Less” inspired her work.

  • Time being your most valuable commodity…and why you should hire people to help you!

  • How the intake process works at her practice.

  • The benefits and caveats of electronic medical records (EMRs)

  • Why you should get your finances in place the second you start your business.

  • Why hiring the right people is key in managing a business.

  • How to have good boundaries and open-hearted communication with your staff.

  • Why being a fieldwork supervisor can generate some of the best employees for your business.

  • How you can use the Enneagram to build and balance your team in your business.

You can check out Erica’s practice at, follow Wild Roots Therapy on Facebook, or connect with her on Instagram @wildrootstherapy

Thanks for coming on the show Erica and sharing all your wisdom with the MYOTBiz listeners!

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Episode 9: Adventuring into Nature-Based Therapy with Bradley Williams


Bradley Williams: Adventuring Into Nature-Based Therapy

Bradley Williams is an occupational therapist in Adelaide, Australia. His fabulous business, Naturally Gathered, offers pop-up nature playgroups for children and families. Brad is also venturing into offering nature-based occupational therapy services for children, and he had some questions he wanted to ask me about business start-up of a nature-based OT practice. So OF COURSE I asked him to come on the podcast! And he graciously agreed. You’ll hear about Brad’s nature-based practice, and then we turned the tables and he asked me a bunch of questions. I hope our conversation may help all of YOU who are interested in nature-based therapy!

Here’s the rundown of some of what we covered!

  • The three goals of Brad’s nature-based business, Naturally Gathered

  • How to slowly start your business on the side of your current work

  • How to focus in your nature-based therapy work

  • Why you need a theoretical framework for nature-based therapy

  • Tips for screening kids for group placement in nature-based therapy groups

  • Why a mix of kids with different needs in a group is best. (Look up Pamela Wolfberg’s research on Integrated Playgroups for children with autism.)

  • I again mention Occupational Adaptation favorite OT theory because it applies to all of LIFE!

  • The assessment and intake process at Outdoor Kids OT

  • Why you need to focus on 1-2 goals for children who are in nature-based OT small-groups

  • Goal-attainment scaling- why it helps you focus on the ONE most important thing you’re addressing in therapy

  • Liability insurance for nature-based therapy (it’s a “community setting” everyone!)

  • How to help parents understand healthy risk-taking in nature play

  • Why training is valuable when starting out in nature-based therapy 

  • How to get awesome, engaged volunteers to help you with your nature-based therapy groups

  • Brad recommends Seth Godin’s books on marketing- focusing on the customer and offering VALUE to them. (Why it isn’t bad to make money while serving people!)

  • Last tip: I highly recommend Meet Edgar for social media management. It frees up SO much time as a business owner, especially in the early days of managing it all on your own! Use this referral link to get $10 off of Meet Edgar.

Go learn about Naturally Gathered and read Brad’s blog- good stuff there!

You can also connect with Brad on Facebook and Instagram @naturallygathered

🌿P.S. If YOU want specialized training to begin offering nature-based therapy in YOUR practice with children, join us at the inaugural Therapy in the Great Outdoors Training Retreat, Nov. 2-5, 2019 in Soquel, CA. $100 off early registration until July 15 with code EARLYBIRD. 🐦